Heirloom textured crochet cushion side one

I have been learning new things!
Our lovely local craft shop has been running ‘intermediate’ crochet classes and we have been learning how to produce textured stitches in crochet.


The idea was to learn 12 new patterns, make (roughly) 20cm squares of each, then join them to make a throw.
Well as you can see I didn’t quite mange the throw bit. However I made 16 squares in 8 patterns and joined them together to make some beautiful cushions, which will sit proudly on our sofa for all to see.
This patterns on this side are ‘Moss stitch’
and ‘Diamonds’

The panels are crocheted in Robin FX DK ‘Moorland’ on a 4.5mm hook (I found my tension was too tight on a 4mm hook) and finished off with 2-3 rounds of double crochet ‘sashing’ to make all the squares the same size. Even the way the squares were joined together was new to me, and gave such a lovely smooth seam that I shall certainly use it again.

I really cannot thank Keira enough for taking the time to teach us these lovey stitches, remembered from her childhood in Ireland, and painstakingly written out and charted for us to follow. We are trying to persuade her to publish them in a book so other people can benefit from her amazing knowledge and expertise. It would be lovely to think that these heirloom patterns could be passed on to another generation.

If you are interested in classes, or in purchasing the book when it is published, you can contact Keira through her website: http://kikiscraftcorner.co.uk/
The lovely Harris tweed patchwork cushions in the background are from our friends at Calicvol quilts on the Isle of Lewis. http://www.callicvolquilts.com/home/index.aspx


2 thoughts on “Heirloom textured crochet cushion side one

  1. Keira McFleat

    Looks Lovely Jenny, so pleased you’ve turned them into cushions! Also love the way you’ve photographed the cushion with the ones from Lewis on the bench, perfect!



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