Heirloom textured crochet cushion side three

No I haven’t literally made a three sided cushion, this is the first side of cushion number two, but you understand my meaning.

the patterns on this side are ‘Shells and pebbles’

and ‘Fences’
The panels are crocheted in Robin FX DK ‘Moorland’. on a 4.5mm hook. The cushion pads have been covered in a grey/beige coloured linen fabric which I think sets off the textured stitch patterns well.
Both patterns learned at our lovely local craft shop ‘Kiki’s craft corner’
If you are interested in classes, you can contact Keira through her website: http://kikiscraftcorner.co.uk/

2 thoughts on “Heirloom textured crochet cushion side three

  1. iamsimplyhooked Post author

    I agree – I had originally tried a cream coloured calico and it was too pale – the cream colour stood out more than the crochet itself. The grey/beige linen lets the stiches speak for them selves I think. I did have help choosing it!



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