Bertie baby blanket – tah dah!

I am so pleased with this….


It is a good example of why sometimes it is better to buy a pattern and have a guaranteed outcome, than spend ages messing around trying stitches to achieve the effect that you want without necessarily getting there. I had already spent most of a Saturday afternoon trying out wave-like stitches when I realised that the exact pattern that I wanted was available on Ravelry. For £3.00 my problem was solved and within minutes I was well on the way to making an actual blanket rather than just another swatch.

There are two big thank-you’s for this one:
Little Doolally on Ravelry for the Bertie baby blanket pattern:
Little Tin bird for the original colour suggestions from her baby ripple blanket number three:

The yarn was Rico baby classic dk in cream (3 balls) plus one ball each of light blue, light green, light grey, turquoise, ice blue and blue. I cast on 90 +2 stitches, rather than the 80 +2 suggested, and used a 5mm hook. The final blanket is 71 x 54 cm and weighs 225g!
And here is a close up of the lovely stitch pattern:


5 thoughts on “Bertie baby blanket – tah dah!

  1. The Snail of Happiness

    I really love the fact that I can see a pattern I like, order it and download it straight away. Plus, Ravelry, like Etsy, gives us the opportunity to support small businesses directly.
    I love the blanket too… great colours. In fact I have been looking at Rico cotton yarn recently with a project or two in mind!


  2. Keira McFleat

    I have to admit to having quite a few Ravelry and Etsy patterns. There’s so much talent out there and I think it’s wonderful that people are willing to share it with others. I’m glad you decided to get the pattern in the end, after trying different versions yourself, it really is a gorgeous pattern!



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