In praise of swatches

I have spent some time this week playing with different stitches and yarns, hopefully as a prelude to my next project, and it has set me thinking about the value of swatches. It is easy to feel that you are wasting time making a swatch rather than working on an actual product, but I am looking on this time as more of an investment.


I have a few swatches for things that I have made recently, and looking back at them now I can see why some of what I tried out didn’t make it into the finished product.


And that’s really the point isn’t it? A swatch is an opportunity for a yarn to show itself off at its best. If it’s not going to pass the audition I would rather find out on a 30 stitch sample than on a 300 stitch blanket.
And maybe at some point in the future I will go back and look at the ones that didn’t make it with a new eye – and start the whole creative process over again.

Are you a fan of swatches?

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