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I am delighted to have been asked by Anna Fazakerley who blogs at Dotty Doiley, to join in this Blog-hop. Do have a look at her post, and get a flavour of what the blog-hop is about:

What are you working on at the moment?
I am in the swatch-phase of my next project. I love this phase – the chance to try new stitches and colours, to take on board ideas form the web, and ultimately make something that is your very own. I have two swatches on the go at the moment – one of which should ultimately become a large shopper. A sort of ‘pimp your jute bag’ idea….


How does your work differ from others?
I’ll answer this question very indirectly. I think that any real achievement in craft is an evolutionary process. The work that you produce at any one time is the result of your own developing expertise, ideas and inspiration from others, and that final little spark of creativity that is personal to you. I would like to think that everything I have made is unique – so each piece really does reflect where I am in my creative journey right now.


Why do you create what you do?

For myself really – I cannot overstate the satisfaction that I get from making something worthwhile from a few yards of yarn. I used to tell people that I could feel the cares and worries of the day unravelling as the yarn became more and more ravelled. Of course it is lovely when someone else likes what you have made too. The beauty of blogging is being able to share your creations with like-minded people, wherever in the world they may be.


How does the creative process work for you?
Definitely not in a straight line! I have a kind of pin-board of ideas, partly mental, partly electronic; and I mull over these along with my yarn stash until I am ready to do a swatch or three. I almost always ask for another opinion on my swatches, which often includes asking my daughter – she is the perfect sounding board for anything colour related, and her views allow me to look at a project with new eyes.


And now to introduce the lovely bloggers who have agreed to carry the blog hop on.
The first one is very special for me because her blog was one of the inspirations that started me off on my crochet journey. She not only produces beautiful and creative work, but she also takes part in a wonderful ‘colour collaborative’ each month. If you haven’t yet discovered her you’ll be glad I introduced you! She is Sandra Paul and her lovely blog is at:
In her own words:
“Sandra is a stay-at-home Mum living in a small village in England. She spends her days sewing, crocheting, knitting, pottering around the house and garden, and trying to pretend that housework doesn’t exist so that she can use the time to craft and write her blog.”
Cherry Heart Photo (2)

The second blogger I would like to introduce to you is a new discovery for me. She crochets and sews and seems to be able to multitask a host of other crafting activities along with keeping a garden and being a mum. Her enthusiasm is infectious and if you don’t feel inspired to go and do something after reading her blog I will be astonished. She is Lucie Hubbard and she blogs at:
In her own words:
“I am Lucie of Love, Lucie. I’m a full-time working mother of a soon-to-be-teenager and a partner of a soon-to-be-husband (4 weeks to go!). In between I love to craft.
I have embroidered, sewn and crocheted from an early age, taught by my mum.
I will try anything but my favourite crafts swing between fabric based home décor projects and gifts and anything I can do with a crochet hook. I sell my popular items through my online shop with folksy, but I really prefer to create one off items for my daughter, friends (and friends of friends) and family. I also take pleasure in my own makes by replacing ugly but useful items around the home with unique beautiful hand made versions.
Through my blog, ‘Love, Lucie’ I love to share my latest projects, both the successful and the lessons learnt through less successful makes. For what is the value of a lesson learnt if you can’t share it with others?”

Love Lucie (2)
Look out for their blogs on Monday 23rd June, and follow the blog hop forwards from them.

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