Living at the edge

First of all a huge welcome to all the new readers who visited from ‘Cherry heart’ It is lovely to see people from all over the world visiting this blog, and wonderful to know that there is so much interest in crochet out there. I live in a small community on the very edge of Scotland, and contact with other like-minded crochet folk means a lot to me.

Now on to edges of a different sort. I am constantly trying to improve my crochet skills and techniques, and have been working on a small garment recently which involves rather little in the way of straight crochet and rather a lot of edges. Such a project is almost designed to show up your weaknesses, and this one has certainly done that. Let me show you what I mean….


This has been my standard turning technique up until now. The turning rows are trebles, so I have chained two in the new colour and turned. Advantages: easy to do, you can carry loops forward from previous rows. Disadvantages: lots of gaps which will need hiding when I make the garment up.

My second method involves making standing stitches (with thanks to ‘Mrs Brown makes’ for the tutorial, see link)


Advantages: the beginning stitches are real stitches not just chains, much straighter edge. Disadvantages: Lots of ends to weave in, some knotty bits that will need hiding when I make the garment up.

And so to method number three:


This is involves finishing off the last stitch of the previous row in the new colour, and chaining two before turning. Advantages: Very few ends to weave in. Much neater edge. No gaps at end of rows. Disadvantages: some slippage of colour between rows, which will need hiding when I make the garment up.

On balance I have decided to continue with method three for the rest of the garment, although I would certainly try standing stitches again on a larger piece. What turning methods do you use?


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