The Delia Smith of crochet

When I was learning to cook I used to swear by Delia Smith, because I knew that if I followed what she said to the letter that whatever I was making would turn out OK.


Now I am learning to crochet I am in desperate need of the same sort of reliable character to place my trust in when staring a crochet pattern. It is not just that crochet patterns are written in their own special code, lots of them seem to be hugely over complicated for what they are trying to achieve, almost none of them explain what you are doing (they just tell you to do it) and some of them are just plain wrong.


My latest project is from Nicki Trench’s ‘Cute and easy crocheted baby clothes’. It is a lovely book with lots of attractive pictures, and some original ideas for baby clothes that look worth making. However that is where my praise ends, as the pattern I am trying to follow is full of mistakes. So far I have found two sleeves with different numbers of stitches (28 then 23, or in the larger size 28 then 25!) and an incorrect stitch count (8 + 2 + 28 + 2 = 36?). When you factor in missing stitch counts and a complete lack of explanations it undermines my confidence that the project will ever work out.

So who is the Delia Smith of crochet? Where can I get a crochet pattern that makes sense, and is guaranteed to work?


6 thoughts on “The Delia Smith of crochet

  1. Diana

    You are so right! I bought this book too and so far I succeeded in making one project with the greatest difficulty however. I ended up calculating the sleeves myself. I thought that perhaps it was due to the fact that I bought it in a Dutch translation, but you seem to have the same difficulties with the original.
    As for failfree patterns you could turn to ‘Vicarno’s mama’ (Annelies Baes), a Belgian lady who designs great patterns, or Cherry Heart (Sandra Paul), both on Ravelry and/or Etsy I think.


  2. loopyfreakwithalist

    I completely understand your frustration. And I also completely understand your love of Delia Smith, I’m a huge fan too! 🙂 x


  3. The Snail of Happiness

    I think that you should complain to the publisher about the book – if the patterns are wrong then the book is not fit for purpose. Do, however, check for errata on the publisher’s or author’s web site just in case.
    In terms of learning to crochet – I went to a class after struggling with books, on-line tutorials and you-tube. A real person who can answer your questions is irreplaceable. I’m not sure where you are in the country, but I’m sure there must be someone running classes near you.


    1. iamsimplyhooked Post author

      Thanks for your interest – I did check the website for errata but couldn’t find any. I have contacted Nicki Trench directly who has got back to me and says she will send my queries to her pattern checker.
      I agree that classes are the best way of learning, and we have a wonderful craft shop locally that runs them – I just keep wanting to learn more!



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