Knowing when to stop

I have had this project in mind for a little while now.
It started with my ‘paintbox’ blanket, put together as a stashbuster back in Spring


It gave me so much pleasure putting those colours together, and I wanted to make a more grown-up version of it. I had in mind a sort of ‘gentleman’s club’ colour scheme of burgundy, mustard and dark green. I had lots of Drops cotton merino in my stash, and wanted to experiment with a new palette.


I made some squares, tried different borders, and felt I was getting somewhere. But every time I tried to arrange the squares together they just didn’t gel.


I tried taking out the colours that weren’t working for me, and making more squares of the colours that were working:


But I still felt I wasn’t getting anywhere. By now you will realise that I have spent hours and hours on this project, and used a not inconsiderable quantity of yarn. There must be a lesson to learn from this, but life is too short to spend time making things you don’t actually like, and I have decided to stop.

I have offered the squares to the Snail of Happiness for her Denmark farm project, and I hope that they will find a new and creative purpose there.

What do you do when something just doesn’t work for you?


6 thoughts on “Knowing when to stop

  1. Farmhouse Crafts USA

    I love the colors. When something doesn’t work for me I either rip it all out and find something else to do. Or more times than not, it ends up in my closet as a UFO (unfinished object). Just ask my husband! He sees the box in our closet filling up fast!



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