To sell or not to sell?

I think this is probably a tricky issue for many of us. I love crocheting, and cannot imagine not doing it. There is however a limit to the number of baby blankets any one person, or their friends and family, can use. So do I sell them? And if so where and to whom?


I have already sold a few items, mostly through local shops, and I am hugely grateful for the opportunity of showcasing my produce through them.


I have had a brief flirtation with Etsy but am not convinced that it is the right outlet for me. I know that the Snail of Happiness is preparing for a craft fair, and I remember Lucie from Love Lucie selling this way too.

So what are your experiences? Is the world full of people who appreciate hand crafted items and are willing to pay something extra for them? And if so where is the best place to find them?


5 thoughts on “To sell or not to sell?

  1. sewchet

    I’ve had some success with craft fairs but find that items priced at less than ten pounds are the ones that sell the most. This puts crochet mostly out of the picture because of the time it takes, whereas sewn items are much quicker to make.


  2. The Snail of Happiness

    I’m very busy crocheting small items for the craft fairs ahead… wash cloths, scrunchies, bath puffs, wash mitts… but I’m also planning a couple of fancier/larger items to draw in the punters. I think a couple of baby blankets would look great on a stall, but you’d need lots of little items too. Folksy (the UK equivalent of etsy) was a waste of time and money.



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