Making mistakes

I watched an excellent youtube video on making mistakes recently, and I have been applying the principles to all sorts of learning situations, including my crochet.

The video is called ‘Why you need to fail’ by Derek Sivers. It says in essence that if you aren’t making mistakes then you are not learning (you are just practicing what you can already do)

The most interesting part for me was a time-lapse sequence of Picasso’s painting of the ‘Bullfighting scene’ in which he changes his mind time after time about his composition, and simply paints over his last version and modifies it. One of the points that Sivers makes is how much more we can learn from other peoples mistakes, then by simply observing the finished article.

bullfighting scene

This is all a rather long winded way of explaining todays post, which is an update on Vicarno’s hoodie. Not a finished article by any means, but a picture of my trials with the sleeves, which you will remember were not in the original pattern.

So I have resorted to: a paper pattern of the sleeve shape I want, masking tape to secure all my loose ends well away from the working area, and (yes) obsessive counting of stitches and rows to keep both sleeves the same.

I will let you know if it works out eventually!


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