A tale of three stitches

I don’t know if you have noticed that there have been quite a few blogs recently about moss stitch.
Janette from the Green Dragonfly blogged ‘D is for dishcloth’ here
Then Marianne at MaRRose blogged the beginnings of her lovely ‘Dijon’ baby blanket here
Last week I blogged ‘My favourite stitch’ here

Janette describes her stitch as ‘woven stitch’ but I have seen it described as ‘moss stitch’ or ‘granite stitch’ in the UK. Marianne and I both used ‘moss stitch’ but it turns out that the three stitches are all different! I had a bit of fun today playing with three variations on a theme, and thought you might like to know how they compare.
First a picture of the three stitches together:


Working from bottom to top Janette’s stitch comes first. It is based on US single crochet stitches with intervening chains, and the fabric it makes has a lovely stretch to it. I think it lends itself really well to the dishcloths she has made.

My moss stitch is second up. It is based on UK double crochet using a front loop only technique that I have described before here, and at this point I should thank Keira from Kiki’s Craft Corner who originally taught me the stitch. It produces a fabric with a textured ‘right’ side and a smooth ‘wrong side’ that has worked really well on a number of projects for me.

The top version on the swatch is Marianne’s, based on US half double crochet alternating with slip stitch. The fabric it makes is textured on both sides, and is really effective on the baby blanket that she is making.

I think they are all lovely stitches, whatever they are called, but if you would like to choose a favourite here is a close up of all three:



5 thoughts on “A tale of three stitches

  1. Ishy

    Lovely when all three are combined! Particularly like the US half double crochet alongside ‘your’ moss stitch. Lovely, lovely.



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