Crossed trebles blanket – Tah Dah!

Thanks so much to everyone who enquired after my WIP, it is lovely to know that other people like these colours too.

Crossed trebles blanket 3

I’ll describe the stitch first as that’s the easiest part: It is called crossed trebles and it is stitch no. 161 from Sarah Hazell’s book ‘200 crochet stitches’

Crossed treble chart

It is basically a 2 row pattern repeat so all the X’s lie in the same direction, and I changed colour every 2 rows. Describing the colours is a bit more tricky. Remember I said that the project started off as a stash buster? Well the stash was 3 balls of Rowan purelife 4 ply cotton, now unfortunately discontinued. The colours were all naturally dyed and I think I had oak bark, natural and light brazil.


It took me ages to find anything with quite the same matt finish, and in the end I went for Scheepjeswol cotton 8, and used grey, natural and beige. The final colour is a lovely dull mauve from my friend’s stash, and I am really not sure what I would substitute for this if I did another one. I have been looking at Cascade ultra pima in heathered pansy, but am not sure if this will have a sheen to it.

So finally for the technical bit. I cast on 128 stitches, and made the blanket 55 ‘stripes’ long, using a 4mm hook. It weighs just under 300g, and measures 78 x 58cm. If I were buying the yarn from scratch I would get 1 ball each of the grey and mauve, and 2 balls each of pink, beige and natural.

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