Happy feet

So the sock project was a good idea for travelling. Only 100g of yarn to pack, only one hook, and as it turned out no scissors required as the yarn I chose breaks when tugged hard by hand!

I did do my usual trick of making three toes and choosing the two that matched best for size (will I ever get past this newbie habit??)

I also tried several ways of making the loop at the heel section to make sure it was stretchy enough, and ended up using this video on youtube to make a foundation half double crochet chain (half treble in UK terms).

Other than that I pretty much stuck to the pattern and I am quite pleased with them:


I ended up closing the heel by sewing the raw edges together so the seam was smooth on both sides, and adding some false ribbing at the ankle, and now I have happy feet!

Made in Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal ‘deep rose’ on a 4mm hook.

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