When does having a stash become having an obsession?
I counted my stash balls (if there is such a phrase) recently and have to report that the total comes to a three digit number. This is particularly embarrassing as I have only been crocheting for a little over 2 years, and at that point my stash was zero.

Some of it is rather precious to me – there are balls of yarn from discontinued lines and discontinued colours that I think are irreplaceable:


Some of it just looks as if it might come in useful some day:


And some of it I know should go. (I don’t mean actually throwing it away – there is an excellent knitting group locally who do wonders with unwanted yarn)

So here is the deal. Without revealing exactly what the number is, when I blog a new project I will report on whether I have managed to reduce my stash or added to it, and that way I might embarrass myself into making it a slightly smaller number!

How big is your stash – or is it a secret?


6 thoughts on “Stash

  1. sewchet

    I didn’t really think I had a stash until I counted all the balls in the many different places – then realised that they also amount to over 100….


  2. lovelucie1

    I wouldn’t like to count but I’m sure it would be under 3 figures. I daren’t look!
    My fabric stash is another story entirely and I didn’t have one at all a couple of years ago.


  3. alookatthelittlethings

    Before I started crocheting, the yarn section of the craft stores was the only safe section for me. Now I start there. I’m trying to work on projects using my stash, but they always seem to need one more trip to the yarn store to complete!



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