Moody blues

Still working with the Drops Muskat colours, this time using purples and blues.



It looks like the beginning of a Bertie baby blanket right now, but I have a feeling it won’t end up that way!
Made in Drops Muskat cotton dk, petrol, purple, light blue, purple-blue, turquoise, light purple-blue and off-white.

9 thoughts on “Moody blues

    1. iamsimplyhooked Post author

      Thanks – The yarn is on sale at Wool Warehouse just now at £1.21 for 50g, and I got a bit carried away! It is a bit thicker than my usual dk, and I am swithering between using it to make a bag or a blanket….


  1. lovelucie1

    Your yarn has a lovely sheen to it but I what you mean about it being a little thick for a baby blanket. However, for a push chair or general child’s snuggle blanket it would be lovely.



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