Three stripes good

You might remember my first foray into multi-coloured moss stitch here, and wonder what that led to next. Well like all the best projects that one spawned another idea even before I had finished it. So today I present to you my first three coloured moss stitch:


Hugely simpler to make than the two coloured version, as it involves no sewing in of ends.
I really like the tweed effect too.


Made in Scheepjeswol XL Moonstone, Deep amethyst, and Lilac quartz on a 6mm hook.


8 thoughts on “Three stripes good

      1. iamsimplyhooked Post author

        I think it would be brilliant for an afghan, but I suggest you go 2 sizes up for hook size. My yarn says use a 5mm hook on the label, and I have used a 6mm hook for the cushion, but it is still a pretty firm fabric.


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