I’ve started so I’ll finish

This project has been an interesting lesson in perseverance for me. I have wanted to make a cowl for some time, I had seen some suitable yarn a while ago, and recently a friend taught me a new stitch that I thought would be just right.
The stitch is a lovely open weave, with alternate rows of bobbles for texture, and in chart form it looks like this:
Bobble stitch for cowl 3
To be honest I think the cowl is quite successful:
So why do I sound so hesitant? I am usually quite a fan of straightforward repetitive crochet, I think it is a useful stress-buster, and can be quite soothing. I am afraid this one became boring very quickly, and I really only finished it out of sheer doggedness. Hopefully I will make another cowl at some point, and next time I will remember to find a pattern with enough variety in it to keep me awake.
Made in dy choice ‘La Paz’ polyacryl alpaca and mohair in Denim on a 5.5mm hook. It took 200g to make the cowl.

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