Nesting instincts

I said ages ago that I wanted to have a go at felting some crochet bowls (see and I have finally got round to doing it:


The original bowls were made in Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal in Blackberry on a 4mm hook, and I should report that it is not particularly easy yarn to felt (I think that’s good news for anyone making clothing from it!) Anyway having succeeded in producing these I thought I would try for something a little more colourful:



These ones are made in Rico creative filz print, which is sold specifically for felting. The colours are turquoise green and lilac fuschia, and I used an 8mm hook. The wool does felt easily, but it lost some of it’s bright colour in the very hot water. If I made them again I might go down a hook size, and do the last couple of rows in double crochet just to firm the edge up a bit.


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