Dipping a toe in

Well it has been a while, but I have decided it is time to dip my toe in again and get back into blogging.
I have wanted to be able to make socks for ages. By which I mean I would like to be an expert at making socks without going through the hard slog of learning it first – wouldn’t we all? However I finally got real and signed up for some classes. It is early days yet but I have made a start:

This is made in a Debbie Bliss yarn, called Luxury Sock. The shade I have used is called ‘Fuji’ and seems to be a nice ombre mix of blues and neutrals.
The pattern is really very simple so far, but calls for obsessive counting of stitches which is not one of my strengths, and a 3mm hook which is well below my comfort zone. I am making my way towards the heel – wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Dipping a toe in

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