Turning a corner

It is often the case when I look at other blogs that I think how easy they make things look, and just in case I have given you the impression that my crochet is created without effort, angst, frustration or indeed mistakes, may I give you an update on my crochet socks?
You may remember their beginnings some time ago here:


Well although they have grown a little since then, I hit a major hurdle with the heel, and had to wait until I had the chance to meet up with my teacher again and iron out some problems. So I am pleased to report that I have now turned a corner and should soon be back on the straight and narrow of making the ankle section.


Of course I will have to go through the whole thing again if I am ever going to make a pair!

5 thoughts on “Turning a corner

    1. iamsimplyhooked Post author

      Thanks – I think doing the class has helped me to persevere. I would be pretty embarrassed to be the only person not to actually make a sock. I have made some slightly easier ones before (see here) if you are interested in a nice straightforward pattern.


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