Where there is a need

I really don’t know why I have never made this connection before but I have come across a most worthy home for my Charity baby blankets.


It is an organisation called Birth Companions that supports women giving birth in prison, and other vulnerable women in the community. I should say at the outset that we have a family member who works for the charity, which is why I can’t believe it has taken me so long to match my blanket making needs with theirs. However the connection is now made and this week’s blanket is on its way to them…

This one is made in Rico baby classic dk in light blue, light green, lilac and cream on a 4.5mm hook. It has 27 rounds of granny rectangle, weighs 165g and is 58 x 49cm. Next time I will aim for 30 rounds to make it a bit bigger.

2 thoughts on “Where there is a need

  1. lovelucie1

    Excellent idea! I shall investigate if there is a similar scheme near me. I’m sure there is as I remember donating my daughters baby clothes to such a Charity many many year sago.


    1. iamsimplyhooked Post author

      I just posted mine to: Pram depot at The Chocolate Factory
      5 Clarendon Road, London, N22 6XJ. A bundle of them went off for £2.80 by 2nd class post. There is a picture of their first consignment on their Facebook page.



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