My first twiddlemuff

You may already have heard of twiddlemuffs, but for the uninitiated these are tubular double thickness hand muffs with tactile objects attached inside and out. They are designed to provide stimulation activity for patients suffering from dementia, and patients in post-operative recovery. There are several organisations looking for charitable donations of these muffs and the pattern I used was based on one from knit for peace.

Obviously I crocheted mine rather than knitting it (!) which meant that I could make it in the round, so it is essentially a tube about 17cm in diameter and 54cm long. The two raw edges are then joined to each other giving a 17 x 27cm muff, which you then decorate. Because all the ends are on the inside of the double thickness there is no need to sew them in, and it is a great way to use up oddments of yarn.

It is not a thing of beauty (ask my husband!) but I think it fulfils a need, and I had fun making it. I used an 8mm hook and two strands of double knitting yarn for the muff, and made it in half treble crochet. It weighs 180g, so that’s quite a bit of stash used up.


9 thoughts on “My first twiddlemuff

      1. Wild Daffodil

        Thank you. Yes, I can see them now. My Mum has dementia so I’m thinking I might make her one to see what she does with it. She has a doll like a new-born baby and she adores that, I’ve knitted a jacket for the doll so that she can fiddle with the buttons on it.


      2. iamsimplyhooked Post author

        What a lovely idea. I don’t know if this would work, but you could use yarn or embellishments that she might have a memory of – the same colour as a favourite jumper perhaps, or a button from her button box?

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