The bobble-ripple scarf

I thought I had better post this one before the weather improves so much that people forget scarf-wearing weather entirely!

The pattern is based on a bobble-ripple in a cardigan that one of my friends is making, which I adapted to give a somewhat more repetitive pattern, and a suitable width for a scarf.
The yarn is Designer Yarns La Paz Aran colour 04 ‘flame’ and I made it on a 6mm hook. It took 200g of yarn and measures 106 x 30cm.
The stork scissors were a present from my daughter – aren’t they lovely?

6 thoughts on “The bobble-ripple scarf

    1. iamsimplyhooked Post author

      Thanks Cathy. The yarn colours are very varied – the two balls I had were completely different to each other, and I had to pick up my starting row and work in both directions to get the colours to look right.



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