The perfect yarn

Although this comment might make me unpopular in blog-land I cannot bring myself to like acrylic yarns. I understand the practicality of easy-care yarns, and the luxury of having so many colours to choose from, but I hate the idea of spending hours of my precious time making something which ultimately I am not going to be pleased with, because I didn’t like the starting material. Plus, given the choice, I would rather use a yarn that contains natural fibres and is recyclable and renewable.

Cushions made in acrylic yarn

So this leaves me with a dilemma. When I am making something for myself I can justify the expense of buying good quality yarn by how long the item will give me pleasure for (both in the making and the using). However if I am making something to sell, the cost of ‘good’ yarn becomes an issue.

Cushions made in wool

So who can help me out? I would like a yarn range with lots of not too harsh colours, which contains at least a percentage of natural fibre. Ideally this yarn would be available in 50g balls, from a British retailer. Oh and as a final bit of prejudice I don’t like shiny yarns – so no mercerised cotton I am afraid. Suggestions please!


11 thoughts on “The perfect yarn

  1. Buttercup and Bee

    Not British yarn but available from British stockists, Drops is so reasonably priced. I particularly like Drops Nepal but their range is huge. For British, how about WYS? Again very reasonably priced and an excellent quality yarn.



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