Teddy is home

This happened ages ago but for some reason I never blogged it, and I was reminded of it when I re-found this lovely picture recently:

Poor teddy had been lost in deepest darkest Edinburgh, leaving his owner bereft. Lots of notices went up and a Twitter appeal was launched. Luckily Teddy was found at the local community centre and a happy girl was re-united with her favourite bear.

The dungarees were one of the very first things that I crocheted (here), and I am pleased that they have stood the test of time. The original post is quite cute, as I say I have made them in ‘what I think might be called half treble’! Which just goes to show how much I have learned.

Teddy now has a mobile phone number embroidered on one foot just in case!


6 thoughts on “Teddy is home

  1. MrsCraft

    Phew! A similar thing happened to a friend’s little girls teddy and he spent the night in a library but came home with goodies. Social media is a wonderful thing at times!



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