An August drought

Despite my having made 26 charity blankets so far this year I have found that my wool store is not diminishing.

Indeed it seems that any space in the cubby holes is quickly filled by new and exciting stash that has simply leapt into it, almost without my help!
So I am going to try and have a month of yarn-drought. I certainly have enough yarn to crochet with for a month and more, and a few projects that I have bought yarn for and never quite started (does that count as a WIP?) so if all goes to plan August will be an opportunity to do just that.
Watch this space!


8 thoughts on “An August drought

  1. The Snail of Happiness

    I am planning to buy no new yarn for the foreseeable future (apart from 4 balls I have on order to finish a project and some ordered ages ago that’s being produced by a friend from her own sheep). I think I have two more skeins to come this year from my sock yarn club and then I won’t join next year. That’s the plan at least…of course someone will commission something and I won’t have the right yarn and I’ll be forced to buy some, but I really want to see my stash diminish rather than grow over the next six months! I’m so impressed about how many blankets you have made.


    1. iamsimplyhooked Post author

      Then we will both be on a mission! Collecting yarn seems a bit like putting more food on your plate than you can eat, and I feel that I need to try and only buy what I can use in the immediate future, We’ll see how I get on!
      I have always been daunted by the thought of making one large blanket but I have worked out that I have made the equivalent of a 3.25 x 2.5m blanket by making 25 small ones each 0.65 x 0.5m, so perhaps some time I should go for a big one. It would certainly use a lot of yarn!

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      1. The Snail of Happiness

        I’m currently working on my last one (for the time being) for 60 Million Trebles. This is being worked in all one piece: a corner to corner centre and then a round and round border. The centre is going to be about 1m x 1.25m once finished and then I’ll work rounds until I get bored/run out of the yarn I’m using. I actually find it very satisfying… I think you might enjoy doing a bigger one too… perhaps in the form of some large squares, so each section feels manageable?


      2. iamsimplyhooked Post author

        You have started me thinking now! Roughly how much yarn would I need to make an adult size blanket? The packs I have seen have 1.5kg of yarn in them but that is acrylic and I am guessing wool will weigh more….


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