My first C2C twiddlemuff

When I learn a new technique I tend to try it out in lots of different ways and so, following on from my Corner to Corner scarves, I have now made a C2C twiddlemuff:

The beads were a suggestion from a friend, and definitely increase the twiddling potential!

Made in Drops Puna light grey and dark grey, Wendy Ramsdale dk Malton and King Cole baby alpaca dk mauve, on a 4.5mm hook.

9 thoughts on “My first C2C twiddlemuff

    1. iamsimplyhooked Post author

      They are primarily for people with dementia, but some hospitals use them for post-operative patients too, to give them something to do with their hands (other than interfere with dressings etc.)
      They are also a great way of using up the tiniest bits and bobs of stash.

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      1. sewchet

        I see – my father in law was given what must be called a ‘twiddlecushion’ then! Great idea and his was personalised with a music theme to echo his tuba playing past.


      2. iamsimplyhooked Post author

        I believe people make twiddle quilts too – sort of lap quilts with extra bits added. I would be interested to know if people have relatives who have used something like a twiddlemuff and felt that it made a difference….

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    1. iamsimplyhooked Post author

      Twiddlemuffs are tubular double thickness hand muffs with tactile objects attached inside and out.
      They are designed to provide stimulation activity for patients suffering from dementia, and patients in post-operative recovery, and they are ‘wanted’ by several charities including Knit for Peace..
      I have made quite a few (see HERE)



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