Advice please!

I have been given sixty nine-round granny squares with a request to make them into an adult size blanket.

Any advice on a quick and effective joining method? I am not a big fan of sewing but I feel join-as-you-go may prove rather onerous given the scale of the project.
What would you do? All advice gratefully received…


10 thoughts on “Advice please!

      1. The Snail of Happiness

        Oh yes, charcoal would be lovely. I think you will be surprised how quickly it comes together once you start. Remember to lay out the squares first to get a design you like and then to photograph it, because piles of squares tend to fall over or get muddled and it’s really annoying to spend time on a design only to forget what it was!

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  1. nanacathy2

    On my current blanket I am edging each in grey, its Stylecraft yarn, colour Slate and joining them with a simple DC stitch. I had a simliar exercise as yours to do last year, and just did a one row DC border and it looks smart. It doesn’t take too long either


  2. Keira

    1. Arrange them in a design you like. 2. Take a picture. 3. Get a group of crocheters together, provide them with dark grey or charcoal yarn and instructions and have a fun afternoon!


  3. juliascreativeyear

    Good luck with it… I do know that looking at an unstarted project is more daunting than one that has been begun though, so my advice would be to start soon! I love the idea of getting friends to help though… Hot chocolate with marshmallows, heating on, crochet and chat



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