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A hoody for teddy

We have had family visiting recently, including my biggest crochet fan (age 9), and I have had the pleasure of making these for her:

A hoody for teddy, and co-ordinating jumper (f you can call it that) for hippo. I do love this kind of crochet where you start with a three-dimensional shape and make something that fits round it!
The hoody is based loosely on the patterns for Jonah’s hoody (here) and Vicarno’s hoody (here) which I adapted to fit Teddy’s somewhat rotund shape!


Teddy is home

This happened ages ago but for some reason I never blogged it, and I was reminded of it when I re-found this lovely picture recently:

Poor teddy had been lost in deepest darkest Edinburgh, leaving his owner bereft. Lots of notices went up and a Twitter appeal was launched. Luckily Teddy was found at the local community centre and a happy girl was re-united with her favourite bear.

The dungarees were one of the very first things that I crocheted (here), and I am pleased that they have stood the test of time. The original post is quite cute, as I say I have made them in ‘what I think might be called half treble’! Which just goes to show how much I have learned.

Teddy now has a mobile phone number embroidered on one foot just in case!

Minority sport

The most popular sport where we live is shinty – a kind of ‘no holds barred’ version of hockey played with a two-sided stick. My husband is a big fan and both our children played when they were younger, so it is sort of in the family. Our local team plays in blue and white but because it is something of a minority sport there is very little in the way of supporters merchandise available. So when my husband asked me to make a shinty top for this teddy I could hardly refuse:

Made in Rico baby classic blue, with applique white felt shinty sticks.

Keeping Teddy warm

I have had some fun recently making mini-rectangles in Granny stripes. It is a great way of playing with colours on a small scale, and has made some useful inroads into my stash too.


In my mind these were going to be little blankets for dolls or bears, but it has been suggested that I should make cushions from them. They are about 33 x 28cm but could be larger, and have a slightly retro look.


So what do you think?

Teddy’s new clothes

This week I have had the pleasure of crocheting for a most appreciative eight year old, and here is the result:
teddy's new clothes 2
A set of new clothes for Teddy. I do love this kind of crochet where you start with a hook and some yarn and go where the shapes take you. I am particularly pleased with the little shoes, and may try some child-sized ones soon…..

A blanket for Kerry Anne

You might remember that we have two dolls, saved from when our children were small, called Jack and Kerry Anne. Since I took up crochet they have provided me with some wonderful opportunities to try things on a small scale and find out if I like them.
So here, in the spirit of trying new things, is a blanket for Kerry Anne.

Made using a V-stitch, in Drops cotton merino on a 4mm hook. The colours are: pistachio, light grey, white, powder pink, lilac, and coral (left over from my

Two is company

I had such fun making the little Maileg mouse dresses over New Year that I have started a small production line.
Made in Sirdar snuggly Pearls DK Pearly turquoise (the darker dress) and Hayfield baby sparkle DK Little mermaid (the paler dress) on a 4mm hook. If you would like the pattern please ask!

Jack and Kerry Anne

Unless you have been reading my blog for a very long time you will probably not know who Jack and Kerry Anne are, and I thought it might be nice to introduce you properly.



A long time ago when my own children were small they were given some anatomically correct dolls, which were named after the two newest babies in the village – Jack and Kerry Anne.


When I took up crochet my first few projects were to make clothes for the two dolls, and it proved to be a wonderful way of getting into hooking – small achievable projects with a tangible use.


Since then they have been the recipients of many prototype pieces, and along the way their dressing up box has provided much pleasure to visiting children.


The original Jack and Kerry Anne have long since left the village so will probably never know that they have a name-sake, or get the chance to see their many crocheted accessories!

Jack’s hat

I had some yarn left over from the cable cardigan, and wanted to make a little hat along the same lines. A quick search of Ravelry came up with this:



The pattern is a ‘Girly Preemie newborn hat’ by Julee Fort and it is free on Ravelry here. It is made of raised treble stitches with V-stitches in between, and has a clever increase system where for one row you crochet into the post, and into the top of each stitch, which doubles the stitch number while staying in pattern.
Mine would fit a newborn or premature baby, but to make a bigger one you could increase the number of stitches in the ring at the start of the pattern. Made in Drops cotton merino dk ‘Jeans blue’ on a 5mm hook.

Tiny toes

Still on the theme of doll’s clothes, here is my latest doll’s blanket:

Tiny toes

Made using Rico baby classic dk on a 5mm hook, in light green, light blue, silver grey, blue, turquoise and cream. It is a granny stripe pattern, and super-quick to crochet.

Monkey business

We have visitors just now, including two delightful children. As a result I have been able to play at making things for soft toys. Here are my first products:



Two mini-blankets for two little monkeys (that’s the soft toys, not the children)
Made in various shades of Rico baby classic on a 5mm hook

Three of a kind

Some doll’s cardigans, easily made in an evening


Cast on at neck, increase in 4 places to make cape shape, then crochet body leaving holes for arms. Everything is in trebles. Cream and multicoloured version in DK on a no. 4 hook. Purple cardigan in Rowan Siena 4 ply cotton on a no. 3 hook.

Shorts and a skirt

Moving on with the boy/girl theme here is my attempt at a pair of shorts and a skirt


Cast on at the waist band and do a couple of rows of doubles. For the skirt continue in trebles until the desired length and finish off with a scallop. For the shorts, do alternate rows of doubles and trebles then finish off as per the dungarees. Made on a 4mm hook.