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April challenge – Bat Mitzvah hat

I was asked by one of my favourite 13 year olds to crochet a kippa (or skull cap) for her Bat Mitzvah, which is at the end of the month, and this was her vision:

So what made it a challenge? Firstly I did try to follow a pattern (which is rarely a good plan for me) and produced a most un-kippa like object, too wide at the top and too big overall.
It did however make me realise that fit was rather important and I asked her to send up one that fitted her, along with some cotton yarn. These arrived almost by return of post, and armed with a model I set about copying it, which turned out to be a much easier job than following the pattern. I did stick with the stitch in the original pattern which was half trebles, and overall I am delighted with it.

Looking forward to being at the celebration and seeing it being worn.

Made in Ricco baby cotton soft dk on a 4.5mm hook in half trebles. The shade is number 56 – turquoise.


Cable mitten classes

Some of you will know that the North of Scotland has had rather a lot of snow this weekend. So I have finished these just in the nick of time…

The pattern is by Keira at Kiki’s craft corner, who also taught me how to make them. They are very cosy and the cable is especially so as it is made in a double layer. Made in Scheepjes merino soft ‘Michelangelo’ on 4.5 and 4mm hooks.

A passion for purple

My local craft shop offers a most helpful service of taking back unused balls of yarn, and some time ago I returned a ball of Debbie Bliss Riva in Thistle, having finished crocheting a scarf in it:


I was in the shop on Saturday (learning something rather lovely, of which more later) and the lonely ball of yarn was calling to me. So I re-bought it, and now have a cosy hat to match my scarf!

Purple hat 2

It has been quite a good experience actually as the last hat I made was very early on in my crochet journey, and I can see that my technique has come on:


For someone special

I made this panda cowl for a special small person who requested it as her birthday present.
Seen here chewing on a handy bamboo shoot!

Panda hood 2

It is based on a rather attractive Baylie bear cowl pattern by Heidi May on Ravelry

Baylie bear cowl

I made it using Hayfield super-chunky with wool in ‘Cornish’ and ‘Black’ using a 12mm hook, and used 3 balls of the cream colour and one of black. Overall I am pleased with it – but if I were to make it again I would make a smaller hood than the pattern suggests for the child’s size.
Are you making something for someone special?

Bean beanie

Thanks to my friend Lesley at Croft wools ( for giving me the pattern for this lovely hat.


I made it in Rico design creative melange chunky, bought from ‘Favourite things’ in Kyle ( using an 8mm needle, and finishing off the last row with a 6mm needle to make the edging a bit tighter. It used one 50g ball of wool, with a teeny bit left over (not quite enough for a bobble!)