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Cable mitten classes

Some of you will know that the North of Scotland has had rather a lot of snow this weekend. So I have finished these just in the nick of time…

The pattern is by Keira at Kiki’s craft corner, who also taught me how to make them. They are very cosy and the cable is especially so as it is made in a double layer. Made in Scheepjes merino soft ‘Michelangelo’ on 4.5 and 4mm hooks.


Crocodile stitch fingerless gloves

You may remember that a while ago I bought some crocodile stitch fingerless gloves made by Skye Cottage Crochet (see here )

There seem to be several versions of the crocodile stitch out there and I used this tutorial by the Twisted yarn and this Bonita patterns blog to help.

Mine are made in King Cole Riot dk ‘Rainbow’ on a 4.5mm hook starting off with a chain of 38 which gave me 6 scales for the cuff. The hand part of the glove was done in half trebles, and I added a couple of rows to make a thumb at the end.

The scales are not as crisp as the Skye Cottage version, but I am pleased with the gloves overall, and it is nice to have practised this lovely stitch and made something useful. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Child’s fingerless gloves

I have been waiting a little while for a picture of these on said child’s hands, and I think this one will bowl you over:


Who knew that green nail varnish went with burgundy gloves? I made these by drawing round the hand during a visit and bringing the picture home to work from, so I am surprised that they fit as well as they do. Made in Sirdar country style wool blend 4 ply on a 4mm hook, in shade 634 ‘Sybil’. There is enough left in the ball for another pair I think….

Crocodile stitch handwarmers

These are not mine, but I LOVE them and wanted to share….


Bought at a local Post Office recently (respect to them for stocking locally made crafts) I think they are a lovely marriage of yarn and pattern. The presentation is lovely too, and there are even care instructions on the inside of the cardboard sleeve. They are made on Skye by ‘Skyecottagecrochet’ who has a Facebook page if you use it, and she is also on Twitter as @crochet_skye. Check out her crocodile stitch pixie hats too!

Ribbed fingerless gloves

Well I said a little while ago that I thought I would be making another project soon from ‘Crochet One Skein Wonders’ and here it is:


It is a very simple but effective pattern, using just double crochet and front post treble crochet. I made it in New Lanark DK ‘Damson’ on a 4,5mm hook. The yarn is reduced just now (see here) and I used less than a ball for the two gloves.

Thumbs up

My daughter has asked me for some fingerless gloves long enough to wear with a 3/4 sleeved jacket. You might remember that I made her some gloves some time ago (see here), which met with her approval.


I had some of the yarn left, so embarked on a pair of simple gloves in half trebles, crocheted from the fingers up so I could make them as long as she needed.


I have never used a pattern for making gloves so am not sure whether fingers up or wrist down is the normal way. I know the Snail of Happiness makes hers from the wrist down. Which do you do? Is there a reason for doing one rather than the other??

Made in New Lanark double knitting yarn (90% wool, 10% silk) in Damson on a 4.5mm hook.

On a roll

I am on a roll making gloves at the moment:


This pair is made in Mirasol Hacho hand dyed merino wool using a 4.5mm hook. The label says shade 303 which is apparently called ‘coral reef’. I have never seen a coral reef in real life but the picture in my mind’s eye is not of this colourway. However the gloves are very comfy and it has made a useful inroad into my stash.