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Six a day

Six squares a day and ten days later we have a blanket:

All sixty squares have been incorporated into this highly colourful blanket. At 2.3 x 1.4m and 1.9kg it is definitely the biggest project I have worked on, and I confess that once I got over the hurdle of actually starting, it turned out to be not such aa big job as I imagined.
It is off for sale now in aid of the Highland Hospice.


We have a plan

A visit from a colour-conscious friend, and a specially cleared living room floor have produced this layout for the Granny square blanket:

The charcoal yarn for the borders has arrived, and I have set myself a target of six squares a day to join-as-you-go. Watch this space!

My work is done

We had some very welcome visitors just before the October break and I had the pleasure of introducing the Granny rectangle pattern to one of them .
One tutorial later and a couple of weeks of her own work and this is what she has come up with:

Made in Stylecraft special dk Plum (1061) Petrol (1708) and Grape (1067) on a 4mm hook.
I think that is quite an achievement.

Advice please!

I have been given sixty nine-round granny squares with a request to make them into an adult size blanket.

Any advice on a quick and effective joining method? I am not a big fan of sewing but I feel join-as-you-go may prove rather onerous given the scale of the project.
What would you do? All advice gratefully received…

Saying hello to an old friend

As some of you will know most of my crochet is done for destinations other than this house, and it is a fairly rare for me to make a piece with the intention of keeping it. However this blanket was an exception:

I made it a while ago (see here), but I had put it in a place where I hardly ever saw it and it seemed to be time to bring it back out and say hello again.

Doing it well

There is a phrase that goes ‘If you are going to do something, do it well’ and this blanket, which a friend of mine is making, brings it to mind:

She is a beginner (can you believe it?) who took some lessons a few weeks ago and decided to start her crochet journey with this linen stitch blanket (see here for the pattern). Made in Drops Alaska Off white and Grey mix on a 6.5mm hook.

I am so impressed with her progress so far, and excited to think that there may be more great crochet things to come!

Charity blankets no. 14 and 15: Crofter and Drifter

Two long train journeys over the Easter holidays saw the production of this pair of charity blankets:

Both made in Wensleydale Longwool ‘fennel’, on the left with Sirdar Crofter ‘seabird’ and on the right with King Cole Drifter ‘Wyoming’. They both took 200g of yarn, but the Crofter blanket ended up bigger, as it turns out to have more yards per ball.