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What’s selling?

The shop where I sell most of my crochet produce is seasonal, and is now closed for the winter. So I have just got a complete breakdown of what has sold over the last year, and now have a chance to plan and re-stock for next season.

My ‘to do’ list for the winter includes spiders, crabs, dishcloths, cushions, hot water bottle covers and rather a lot of jellyfish. None of this is a chore actually as I enjoy making all of them, and hopefully in-between time there will be a chance to try some new things too. I am looking forward to it already!

Would anyone like to guess how many jellyfish they sold?


One of a kind

A little while ago I was at a craft fair and saw a lovely crochet mermaid. Full of inspiration I rushed home to search for a mermaid pattern (see here) and find some suitable yarn, and after some trial and error I present you with my first mer-doll:

She is made in Hayfield baby sparkle dk ‘little mermaid’ (appropriately) and Rico baby classic dk ‘powder’. The hair is some unravelled ribbon from a chunky yarn I bought from MacAree brothers and can’t remember the name of!

As time goes by

Another vintage crochet piece from my friend’s granny, and what a find this one is:
How to describe it? It is about 40cm in diameter and made with very fine cotton (a single chain is about 1mm wide). The whole piece is threaded through with an olive green silk ribbon, and the points are finished with eight green tassles. I say ‘piece’ because I am not at all sure what it’s purpose is – a doily? a bowl cover? a dressing table centre piece?
Whatever it was intended for it is a lovely piece of work, and a fine example of what must now be an almost forgotten craft.

Nesting instincts

I said ages ago that I wanted to have a go at felting some crochet bowls (see and I have finally got round to doing it:


The original bowls were made in Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal in Blackberry on a 4mm hook, and I should report that it is not particularly easy yarn to felt (I think that’s good news for anyone making clothing from it!) Anyway having succeeded in producing these I thought I would try for something a little more colourful:



These ones are made in Rico creative filz print, which is sold specifically for felting. The colours are turquoise green and lilac fuschia, and I used an 8mm hook. The wool does felt easily, but it lost some of it’s bright colour in the very hot water. If I made them again I might go down a hook size, and do the last couple of rows in double crochet just to firm the edge up a bit.

Trick and Treat

My husband spotted a knitted spider when we visited a yarn shop in Glasgow recently, along with some appropriately dark variegated yarn. The temptation to try and crochet a spider was too much for me, and so one ball of yarn and four rather fetching buttons later this is the result:


I think the eyes make them rather scary, so I have decided to call them Trick and Treat.
Made in Rowan fazed tweed ebony on a 6mm hook.
Happy Hallowe’en!

The nesting season

I am not long back from holiday and went through the usual process of debating what to pack crochet-wise. I decided on some Debbie Bliss fine Donegal in ‘Blackberry’. But what to make with it?
I set off with the intention of making some socks, but fell down at the making two identical toes stage. (I know, it is embarrassing.) Then I hit upon the idea of some nesting bowls.



My intention is to felt them, so I’ll let you know how that goes…