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Christmas unwrapped

These slippers were a special request for Christmas and have been something of a labour of love:

Made in Rowan pure wool superwash worsted teal wash on a 5.5mm hook.
I have been told that they fit and I am hoping to see them on a small pair of feet today!



Some of you will remember the beginnings of my sock adventures here, and my rather slow progress on the journey to the heel here.
Well I am delighted to say that I have finally reached the ankle of not one, but two socks:

I would be lying if I said that I had found it easy, and I would ask you not to look too closely as there are certainly one or two bits that are less than perfect. Overall though I feel a real sense of achievement, and not a little relief that my perseverance has finally paid off.

Scandi felted slippers

Again, these are not mine but I wanted to share them with you anyway:


I am pretty sure that they are knitted rather than crocheted, but the construction is hidden somewhat by the felting process. I love the natural colour of the wool, and how it is set off by the wooden buttons. These were made by Linda at ‘Book Catering’ based in the Highlands of Scotland. She has a Facebook page if you want to look her up.
I would like to have a go at making something similar in crochet, so watch this space….

Toasty toes – after

A brief visit from our daughter last weekend provided me with the opportunity of checking the felted slippers for size – and they fit!


You might remember seeing the ‘before’ picture here. I felted them by hand first with not much effect, then put them through a 30 degree wash in the washing machine. They shrank from 24cm long x 11cm wide to 22cm long x 9cm wide. I think they would have shrunk more, but I got them to fit by putting them on my feet while they were still wet and letting them dry in my foot shape.
If I made them again I would buy three balls of yarn, make the medium size, and carry on crocheting to make them into little ankle boots.

Slipper boots

I have had another go at making some crochet slippers, this time in the form of boots:


The yarn is Adriafil Candy classic colour 87 (rust) and I used an 8mm hook. I made the pattern up as I went along (I really should start writing these things down!) and sewed the finished slipper on to a Regia leather sole. Both yarn and sole are available from McAree brothers here.
I am really pleased with how they turned out, and they have already found an appreciative home.

Toasty toes – before

Ages ago my daughter chose some yarn so I could make some felted slippers for her, and I have finally found the time and pattern to do so:


The pattern is by Amy B ‘A stitch in time’ (on Ravelry here) and is really very straightforward. My yarn is Schachenmayr Wash and Filz it multicolour felting wool in colour 202 ‘coconut’ and it took 1 ball for each slipper. I used a 10mm hook but I notice it says 8-9mm on the yarn itself.

The picture is a ‘before’ picture as I need my daughter here so I can felt it to her foot shape. Watch this space…..

Turning a corner

It is often the case when I look at other blogs that I think how easy they make things look, and just in case I have given you the impression that my crochet is created without effort, angst, frustration or indeed mistakes, may I give you an update on my crochet socks?
You may remember their beginnings some time ago here:


Well although they have grown a little since then, I hit a major hurdle with the heel, and had to wait until I had the chance to meet up with my teacher again and iron out some problems. So I am pleased to report that I have now turned a corner and should soon be back on the straight and narrow of making the ankle section.


Of course I will have to go through the whole thing again if I am ever going to make a pair!