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Making in-roads

Today saw the end of my August yarn-drought, and it is time to report on what has been achieved:

I think you can tell from the picture that quite a bit of yarn has been used (and I promise that I didn’t just move it all out of the frame!)

So what has made the difference? I have made two ripple blankets, three hot water bottle covers, two twiddlemuffs, numerous dishcloths, jellyfish, crabs and spiders; and I have experimented with some new things using old yarn – octopuses and the beginnings of a corner to corner scarf.

And what have I learned? Possibly to try harder to buy only one project ahead at a time (I know, it’s easier said than done) and definitely that I don’t need to buy new yarn to try new things. Oh and I have found out which bits of my stash are still there after all this endeavour!

Now does anyone have any suggestions for a worthwhile project using 28 balls of recycled cotton??


An August drought

Despite my having made 26 charity blankets so far this year I have found that my wool store is not diminishing.

Indeed it seems that any space in the cubby holes is quickly filled by new and exciting stash that has simply leapt into it, almost without my help!
So I am going to try and have a month of yarn-drought. I certainly have enough yarn to crochet with for a month and more, and a few projects that I have bought yarn for and never quite started (does that count as a WIP?) so if all goes to plan August will be an opportunity to do just that.
Watch this space!

The owl has fledged

So I think the owl is nearly ready to fly:

Made in King Cole cottonsoft crush ‘rainbow’ (60g) Cottonsoft dk ‘buttercup’ (160g) and ‘Rose petal’ (30g). Other yarns from stash.

The original pattern was from Shifo on Ravelry (here) but I did adapt it somewhat. The pattern suggests that you crochet the bag and applique all the parts on later, but I made the chest plate first and incorporated it into the bag using the ‘join as you go’ method. Shi-fo’s bag starts with a long chain which you draw together to form the toe section, but I started with a circle and built up to the right number of stitches that way. My wings are ovals as I felt they fitted on to the body better than circles, and I ended with a rib at the top which I hope will make the bag stay on the baby a bit better!

If I made it again I would consider using a cotton/acrylic mix which would give a lighter bag, but I am pleased with the colours and the construction, and enjoyed doing something new.

A commission

A quick trip to the knitters shop last week led to a chance encounter with a lovely lady with a knitting problem!
Her daughter would like an owl cocoon for her new baby who is due in September. So far so good, but what is the problem?
All the patterns she could find were crochet ones, and as she doesn’t crochet she wondered if I might make one for her?
She sent some lovely photos, from which I have chosen this one:

Oh, and it has to be in cotton as the daughter lives in Ecuador.
I am already busy choosing yarns….

Homemakery colour palettes

I really like playing with yarn colours, but don’t often get to the kind of yarn shop where this is possible. However recently I came across a rather lovely website called ‘Homemakery’ which sells a range of yarn packs in Rooster, Rico and Rowan wools (as well as Stylecraft).
The two that particularly appealed to me were pebble beach:

and Seaglass:

I have ordered them both, and am looking forward to a bit of colour-play.

Map page

With thanks to Wild Daffodil for this idea, I have started an interactive map of where the lovely folk who read this blog are.

If you would like to add yourself go to ‘map’ in the header bar and follow the link.

I am right up in the top left hand corner of the UK. Where are you?

24/4/17 Welcome to four readers from England, Wales, the Netherlands and Ohio USA!