Preemie octopus

There has been a little flurry of interest in the news recently about providing premature babies with octopus-like comforters. I found a free pattern for one by Deniza’s toys here and set to:

The pattern is really easy to follow (though naturally I did modify it a bit!) and gives you a 25cm long octopus working with double knitting yarn.
If I did it again I might use treble crochet to make the spirals more substantial, but the double crochet ones are in proportion with the body size so that would need some thinking through.
Made in Sirdar snuggly pearls dk turquoise and Hayfield baby sparkle dk little mermaid on a 4mm hook.

Doing it well

There is a phrase that goes ‘If you are going to do something, do it well’ and this blanket, which a friend of mine is making, brings it to mind:

She is a beginner (can you believe it?) who took some lessons a few weeks ago and decided to start her crochet journey with this linen stitch blanket (see here for the pattern). Made in Drops Alaska Off white and Grey mix on a 6.5mm hook.

I am so impressed with her progress so far, and excited to think that there may be more great crochet things to come!

A hoody for teddy

We have had family visiting recently, including my biggest crochet fan (age 9), and I have had the pleasure of making these for her:

A hoody for teddy, and co-ordinating jumper (f you can call it that) for hippo. I do love this kind of crochet where you start with a three-dimensional shape and make something that fits round it!
The hoody is based loosely on the patterns for Jonah’s hoody (here) and Vicarno’s hoody (here) which I adapted to fit Teddy’s somewhat rotund shape!

On the back burner

Contrary to all the available evidence on this blog I have been working on something other than baby blankets recently:

They are squares of Uist wool in two different textured stitches, and my intention is to make them up into a cushion to replace one of these:

This bit requires rather a lot of counting of stitches, which explains why I have paused for a while. I am posting them on the blog as a little jolt to my conscience to get on and finish them!