Saying hello to an old friend

As some of you will know most of my crochet is done for destinations other than this house, and it is a fairly rare for me to make a piece with the intention of keeping it. However this blanket was an exception:

I made it a while ago (see here), but I had put it in a place where I hardly ever saw it and it seemed to be time to bring it back out and say hello again.


Making in-roads

Today saw the end of my August yarn-drought, and it is time to report on what has been achieved:

I think you can tell from the picture that quite a bit of yarn has been used (and I promise that I didn’t just move it all out of the frame!)

So what has made the difference? I have made two ripple blankets, three hot water bottle covers, two twiddlemuffs, numerous dishcloths, jellyfish, crabs and spiders; and I have experimented with some new things using old yarn – octopuses and the beginnings of a corner to corner scarf.

And what have I learned? Possibly to try harder to buy only one project ahead at a time (I know, it’s easier said than done) and definitely that I don’t need to buy new yarn to try new things. Oh and I have found out which bits of my stash are still there after all this endeavour!

Now does anyone have any suggestions for a worthwhile project using 28 balls of recycled cotton??

Warmer than summer

It is often the case that summer in the Highlands requires more in the way of warm and waterproof clothing than it does sun glasses or sunscreen.
Even so I am being a little premature in starting my hot water bottle production line just now:

Made in Scheepjeswol XL in linen stitch on a 6mm hook. The colours are: Blue apatite and Amazonite, Garnet and Corundum ruby, Deep amethyst and Lilac quartz, all with Pink quartzite.

Blue ripples

It is a long time since I have made a ripple blanket, but I have one on my hook right now:

Made in almost the last of my Sirdar simply recycled dk stash, in dip dye blue, canvas, fleck, demin wash and pumice on a 4.5mm hook.
I would also like to report that I am 20 days into my self-imposed yarn drought and still holding out!

My first C2C

Thanks to a little visual prompting from the Snail of Happiness I have had a go at making my first corner to corner (C2C) crochet piece.

It is a remarkably easy technique that produces a lovely basket-weave texture and grows in a most satisfying manner. There is a very clear pattern by Felted Button called the ‘Spring into Summer blanket’ which I used to get me started.

I have to stop now as I have run out of grey wool (I am having a yarn drought in August) but it will be high on my do-list for September when the drought ends!