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Joined up thinking

Thanks to Lucy at Attic24, who posted this tutorial on joining squares, I have had my first go at sewing (rather than crocheting) squares together.



I have always been put off ‘join as you go’ methods as half the fun (in my opinion!) is trying out different sequences and combinations of colour. This method allows you to do just that, then use an extra long end-tail to join the squares in the way you want. The joining method gives a pretty firm fabric, and I would say that the piece I have made would be more suited to a cushion cover than a blanket.

Made in Rico baby classic dk on a 5mm hook, using light green, light blue, light grey, blue, turquoise, and ice blue. I like the spring colours. and the joining method is something new to add to my toolkit!

His and hers

I have managed to finish another of my ‘must use some yarn from stash’ projects.
It is a baby ripple blanket in Sirdar ‘simply recycled’ cotton, and if you have been following me for a while you might notice that it is very like the one I sent to baby Frank in New Zealand a few months ago.
I was pleased with the blanket at the time, and couldn’t resist buying more yarn when I saw it had been discontinued at Wool Warehouse. It is so frustrating to find the right combination of colours in a yarn that you like, only to have some of them discontinued a few months later. On the other hand I feel guilty keeping a stash of yarn that I don’t yet have a use for – it is a dilemma I am sure you have all had too.
Anyway I now have a pair of ‘his and hers’ blankets, ready to be sold. Hopefully to someone who likes muted colours and natural tones as much as I do!

Bertie baby blanket – tah dah!

I am so pleased with this….


It is a good example of why sometimes it is better to buy a pattern and have a guaranteed outcome, than spend ages messing around trying stitches to achieve the effect that you want without necessarily getting there. I had already spent most of a Saturday afternoon trying out wave-like stitches when I realised that the exact pattern that I wanted was available on Ravelry. For £3.00 my problem was solved and within minutes I was well on the way to making an actual blanket rather than just another swatch.

There are two big thank-you’s for this one:
Little Doolally on Ravelry for the Bertie baby blanket pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bertie-baby-cot-pram-blanket
Little Tin bird for the original colour suggestions from her baby ripple blanket number three: http://www.littletinbird.co.uk/2010/05/08/baby-ripple-number-three/

The yarn was Rico baby classic dk in cream (3 balls) plus one ball each of light blue, light green, light grey, turquoise, ice blue and blue. I cast on 90 +2 stitches, rather than the 80 +2 suggested, and used a 5mm hook. The final blanket is 71 x 54 cm and weighs 225g!
And here is a close up of the lovely stitch pattern:


Baby ripple blanket – one for the boys

At last – a finished project!


It is made in Sirdar Simply Recycled 51% cotton/49% acrylic yarn, and the colours are Denim wash, Dip-dye blue, Fleck, Pumice and Canvas, made in treble crochet on a 4.5mm hook. I used Lucy from Attic 24’s neat ripple pattern, and her method for filling in the gaps at the beginning and end of the blanket (Thank you Lucy!)

The layout for the stripes is the same as my last Baby Ripple blanket (one for the girls) and is shown here:
pink ripple layout

I cast on 101 stitches for the blanket, and worked as many rows as it took to get a good rectangle shape that ended with the same colour that I had started with (in this case pumice). The finished blanket measures 65x54cm and took 2 balls of dip-dye blue, and one ball of each of the other colours.

I’d love to see other people’s ripple blankets too….

So many blankets

All has been quiet on the blog for a while as I have been learning new and exciting stitches (more of which later). I also have a BIG project I want to do, and in a burst of uncharacteristic self control I decided to finish off some UFO’s first (UFO = Unifinished Object). I chose the wool for this blanket back in the summer as I wanted something boyish but not too much so.


Made in Rowan wool cotton 4 ply Celanden, Paper, Violet and Antique colours. With Rowan baby merino silk DK Dawn. All using a 4mm needle.
With thanks to Sue at ‘Crochet again’ for setting me off on the mitred square idea
Now – I wonder if anyone I know is expecting a boy