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When in doubt make a charity blanket

My default project has been baby blankets for as long as I can remember, and it seems fitting in these difficult times to make some for charity.

The pink blanket is made in James C Brett Stonewash shade SW5, and Drops merino extra fine colours 40 (powder pink) and 01 (off white). The blue blanket is made in James C Brett Stonewash shade SW10, King Cole Majestic dk shade 2650 (duck egg) and Drops merino extra fine colour 01 (off white). Each blanket used 1 ball each of the Stonewash wool and 2 balls of the other colours.

Just in case anyone hasn’t come across it yet, the Granny Rectangle pattern is by Crochet again, and there is a very good tutorial for it here. Mine start with 5 granny clusters and are 30 rows round. I start with the plain pink or blue, then the Stonewash, then the white, and 30 rows allows you to end in the white.

And finally – my chosen Charity for these blankets is pram depot, a charity that gives recycled baby clothes and equipment to vulnerable new mums and their babies.

Granny rectangle blanket

I think the Granny Rectangle may become my ‘go to’ pattern for using up yarn from stash (which sounds like a good New Year’s resolution now I come to think of it)


I think I have the right length of starting chain now (I started with a chain of 24 for this blanket, but would try 21 next time), and a good idea of how much yarn I need to make a baby size blanket (170g of dk to make a 56 x 48cm blanket). So all that remains is for me to thank Sue from ‘Crochet again’ for the pattern (A Better Granny Rectangle) and put my words into action…..

Has anyone else made a crafty resolution for New Year?

On mitred squares

Why is it that some patterns just really appeal to you? I was taking a little wander through Blogland the other day and came across the Blacksheepwools blog with this free pattern from Rowan:
Ray graduated crochet blanket
It is the ‘Ray graduated crochet blanket’ by Sarah Hatton, and is available as a pdf file here.
It reminds me of the mitred square blankets I first saw by Sue at ‘Crochet again’ (see here).
I had a lot of fun with these blankets when I first started crocheting, as they give such wonderful scope for playing with colours.

I thought I had worked this particular pattern out of my system, but I am definitely being drawn to it again.
Still there is nothing wrong with going back down a favourite path is there?