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Charity blanket no. 20: the colour pack

This pink and grey colour scheme came originally from the ‘Homemakery‘ and is known as ‘pebble beach’.

Made in Rico baby classic dk ecru, powder, smokey rose, silver grey and steel grey.

I did swap one of the neutral colours in the pack from ‘smokey blue’ to ‘ecru’, which altered the colour balance somewhat, but the steel grey is still a little bit dark for my taste and overall I am not convinced that these colours are working together. So perhaps I am not really a colour pack person and should stick to my own combinations, which give me pleasure both in the choosing and the making.


Charity blanket no. 19: Orla again?

Another stash busting blanket – this time from a lovely friend who is a fellow colour-enthusiast. The bag of yarn that she gave me produced this lovely palette:

There is a definite nursery feel to it, and I spent ages wondering what the colours reminded me of. Iced gems? Party rings? Mini eggs?

But I think it might be good old Orla Kielly again:

What do you think?

Charity blanket no. 16: The Lavender Hill Mob

My 16th, and penultimate, charity blanket for this year:

Made in Drops Karisma 71 (light beige) Sirdar Harrap tweed 0106 (Flockton) Rowan felted tweed 151 (bilberry) and King Cole Masham misty 1278 (heather). The Drops Karisma is much thicker than the other yarns, and gives the blanket rather less drape than I am used to. However it should be warm, so I don’t think anyone will complain!

Charity blankets no. 14 and 15: Crofter and Drifter

Two long train journeys over the Easter holidays saw the production of this pair of charity blankets:

Both made in Wensleydale Longwool ‘fennel’, on the left with Sirdar Crofter ‘seabird’ and on the right with King Cole Drifter ‘Wyoming’. They both took 200g of yarn, but the Crofter blanket ended up bigger, as it turns out to have more yards per ball.

Charity blanket no. 12: down to earth

When I was younger I wished that I had a sister so I could go ‘shopping’ in her wardrobe. Now I have the chance to go shopping in my mother’s yarn stash, and I am enjoying it just as much as I imagined!

Made in King Cole Panache, 2068 (Biscuit), Sirdar Harrap tweed 0101 (Gallop), Patons Diploma Gold 06200 (Gold) and Rowan Silkstones 827 (Olive grey). There is a lot of variation in the thicknesses of these four different yarns, but they are accommodated easily by the Granny Rectangle pattern without distorting the blanket at all. I think it illustrates how versatile the pattern is.

Charity blanket no. 11: the misty isle

Although I live on the Scottish mainland I have worked for 20 years on the Isle of Skye, also known as the misty isle.

The colours of this blanket remind me of my daily commute – sea greens, misty clouds, spots of sunlight, an occasional blue sky and an unendingly beautiful softness.
Made in Sirdar Crofter 78 (Wallace) and King Cole Panache 2065 (Pewter)

Apple blossom blanket

I thought I would never be able to make another of these blankets, as the lovely Rowan ‘purelife’ organic cotton has been discontinued, but I have managed to find substitutes for most of the colours, and have come up with this:

I think the muted pinks and creams look lovely with the apple blossom which is out just now, and I am pleased that I will be able to make this particular blanket again. Of course now I want to work one up in blues……..