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The bobble-ripple scarf

I thought I had better post this one before the weather improves so much that people forget scarf-wearing weather entirely!

The pattern is based on a bobble-ripple in a cardigan that one of my friends is making, which I adapted to give a somewhat more repetitive pattern, and a suitable width for a scarf.
The yarn is Designer Yarns La Paz Aran colour 04 ‘flame’ and I made it on a 6mm hook. It took 200g of yarn and measures 106 x 30cm.
The stork scissors were a present from my daughter – aren’t they lovely?

And then there were two

You might remember my first Uist wool cushion cover here
Well a recent trip to Uist saw me returning with enough yarn for another cushion, so now there are two!

They are not quite identical (who knew there was more than one way of sewing a strip of ripple stitch up?) but they are entirely in keeping with each other, and I am pleased with them both.
And just in-case you can’t pop over to Uist yourself they are now selling their lovely wool on-line (here)