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300th post give-away

This has been creeping up on me for a while and I wanted to mark it in some way. The local knitters shop is only open during the summer so round about this time of year I get a break-down of what has sold during the season. I have put this season’s sales into a bar chart (!) but I haven’t labelled the bars. The best selling items (in alphabetical order) are: crabs, dishcloths, jellyfish and spiders.

But which did I sell most of?

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment telling me which item you think is the best-selling. If you guess correctly I will put your name in a hat and my trustworthy husband will pick out one winner, who will receive that item as their prize. If you win I would like you to acknowledge your prize on some form of social media (e.g. a blog, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook post) with a link back to my blog. I am willing to post anywhere in the world so don’t be put off if you don’t live in the UK – let’s spread some crochet happiness!

Oh – and we had better set a closing date. What about the end of November 2017 which, by co-incidence, marks the 5th anniversary of me taking up crochet!


A commercial break

What do crabs, spiders and dishcloths have in common?

Well they are all selling faster than I can make them, so it has been necessary for me to have a short break from making charity blankets in order to re-stock the shelves.

What’s selling?

The shop where I sell most of my crochet produce is seasonal, and is now closed for the winter. So I have just got a complete breakdown of what has sold over the last year, and now have a chance to plan and re-stock for next season.

My ‘to do’ list for the winter includes spiders, crabs, dishcloths, cushions, hot water bottle covers and rather a lot of jellyfish. None of this is a chore actually as I enjoy making all of them, and hopefully in-between time there will be a chance to try some new things too. I am looking forward to it already!

Would anyone like to guess how many jellyfish they sold?

200th post give-away

It is hard to believe that this is my 200th blog post, or that I have been blogging since February 2013, having taken my first crochet class that year. What a journey it has been so far, and who knows where it may take me in the future?
Blogging has given me a lot – inspiration to try new and different things, a reason to finish even my least promising projects, and best of all feedback from people like you in the lovely crafting community. So now it is my turn to offer something in return.

Do you remember my crocheted spiders and crabs? Would you like to win one of them? If so here is what you have to do…


1. Be a follower of this blog
2. Decide if you would prefer a spider or a crab
3. Leave a comment to say which one, and if possible why
4. Look back at the blog after 4th September 2016 to find out who has won
5. If you win please acknowledge your prize by publicising it on some form of social media – your own blog, Twitter, Facebook etc. including a link to iamsimplyhooked.wordpress.com
6. As this is a special occasion I am prepared to pay postage to anywhere in the world!

So that’s it folks. Good luck, and thanks for all your interest and support along the way.

Trick and Treat

My husband spotted a knitted spider when we visited a yarn shop in Glasgow recently, along with some appropriately dark variegated yarn. The temptation to try and crochet a spider was too much for me, and so one ball of yarn and four rather fetching buttons later this is the result:


I think the eyes make them rather scary, so I have decided to call them Trick and Treat.
Made in Rowan fazed tweed ebony on a 6mm hook.
Happy Hallowe’en!