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Debbie Bliss ombre spin your granny blanket

It was always my intention to try another spin your granny blanket in rather nicer yarn, and this is it:

Made in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Apple (002) and Citrus (018), and Ella Rae Cashmerino Sport Goldenrod (06) and Ivory (13) on a 4.5mm hook.

Mine took 2 balls of dark green, 1 ball each of mid green and yellow, and 3 balls of ivory. It measure 67 x 48cm and weighs 275g. I used the same layout as my first spin-your-granny blanket, so this was a rather quicker project with less frogging!

We miss you Debbie Bliss

It seems often to be the case that when I hit upon a yarn I really like it is discontinued. And as that is exactly what has happened with Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino, this blanket is probably the last of a line:

Made in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Teal (340203), Duck egg (340026) and Spearmint (340303) with Scheepjes Merino soft Raphael (602) on a 4.5mm hook.

This is another Bertie baby blanket. Mine started with a chain of 92, so is 91 stitches wide which is 9 pattern repeats, and 28 pattern repeats long. It measures 71 x 52cm and weighs 300g. It took 2 balls of each of the three blues, and three balls of cream.

An Irish blessing

I recently had a commission for a baby blanket and the chance to play with some new colours for the Bertie baby blanket pattern. The request was for a green blanket and yes, the baby has an Irish mum so perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised. Anyway this is what I came up with:

Made in Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino mint (03), Ella Rae cashmerino sport fern (14) and Ivory (13) and Scheepjes merino soft Michelangelo (603). Although I have mixed three different yarn types they are remarkably compatible, with very similar yardage and just the hint of a sheen on the merino soft.

The yarn is lovely, and it is a shame that the baby cashmerino is discontinued, but the Ella Rae colours actually match some of the old Debbie Bliss ones, and this is certainly a combination I would use again.

Now for the technical bit. I made it on a 4.5mm hook and it is 9 motifs wide by 28 motifs long. The finished blanket measures 73 x 52 cm and weighs 305g. It took 2 balls each of the green and grey colours and 3 balls of ivory. And it is the squishiest blanket I have made yet!

Dipping a toe in

Well it has been a while, but I have decided it is time to dip my toe in again and get back into blogging.
I have wanted to be able to make socks for ages. By which I mean I would like to be an expert at making socks without going through the hard slog of learning it first – wouldn’t we all? However I finally got real and signed up for some classes. It is early days yet but I have made a start:

This is made in a Debbie Bliss yarn, called Luxury Sock. The shade I have used is called ‘Fuji’ and seems to be a nice ombre mix of blues and neutrals.
The pattern is really very simple so far, but calls for obsessive counting of stitches which is not one of my strengths, and a 3mm hook which is well below my comfort zone. I am making my way towards the heel – wish me luck!

Cosy toes

I have to confess that these were not made by me. You might remember some time ago that I bought some Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal in a lovely blackberry colour with the aim of making a pair of socks (see here).

Well I still love the colour but it proved to be impossible for me to crochet with because I just couldn’t see the stitches clearly enough to count them! So when a VERY kind friend, with much more crochet experience than I have, generously said she would use the yarn to make some socks for me I jumped at the opportunity. And here they are:


With thanks to Margaret – for the gift of warm feet!

Happy feet

So the sock project was a good idea for travelling. Only 100g of yarn to pack, only one hook, and as it turned out no scissors required as the yarn I chose breaks when tugged hard by hand!

I did do my usual trick of making three toes and choosing the two that matched best for size (will I ever get past this newbie habit??)

I also tried several ways of making the loop at the heel section to make sure it was stretchy enough, and ended up using this video on youtube to make a foundation half double crochet chain (half treble in UK terms).

Other than that I pretty much stuck to the pattern and I am quite pleased with them:


I ended up closing the heel by sewing the raw edges together so the seam was smooth on both sides, and adding some false ribbing at the ankle, and now I have happy feet!

Made in Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal ‘deep rose’ on a 4mm hook.

Socks away!

We are flying down to London later in the week, and I need a little project to take with me, so I have invested in some sock yarn. It is Debbie Bliss fine Donegal in Deep rose. It is a 4-ply wool cashmere mix, and rather lovely to handle.


I have also found what looks like an easy toe-up sock pattern from DyakCraft. This is my first pair of socks so simplicity is essential. The pattern involves UK double and half treble crochet, which I am sure I can manage. It is written so that it can be modified to fit different foot sizes, which also sounds good.

What I am not so sure about is my ability to make two matching socks of the same size….Perhaps I should have started with a Christmas stocking!

Crochet for a long train journey

Our local craft shop has started stocking some lovely Debbie Bliss yarn. and I was taken with the warm colouring of this Riva shade called ‘thistle’
Riva thistle
As you know I am trying to be good about buying yarn just now, but I felt I could justify this purchase as I have a long train journey to do, and a modest scarf seemed like a perfect project. I chose moss stitch for some nice texture (see below for instructions) https://iamsimplyhooked.wordpress.com/2014/06/06/moss-stitch-fingerless-gloves/ and a 10mm hook for drape, and I must say it is working out rather well:
All of which leaves me with a small problem …….The scarf is nearly finished and the train journey isn’t until Friday!
What am I going to crochet on the train??

If you would like to make one too a 20 stitch scarf worked out as 20 cm wide, and 3 balls of yarn made it 130 cm long.

The paintbox blanket

So called because the coloured squares and cream borders remind me of a child’s paintbox


Made in Debbie Bliss Rialto 4 ply 100% wool, on a 4mm hook, using Mauve, Sea green, Pale blue and Silver. The other colours are from my friend’s stash collection (everyone needs a friend like this!) The border is Rowan wool-cotton 4 ply in Antique.
The idea for the blanket came from a French website called ‘knitted art’ (see below) and the chart for the squares is by Denise Plourde on Irishlace.net, although I modified the corners slightly. The border is a lovely triangle shape, from a tutorial by Moogly on Youtube.
Did I have fun? Yes!