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Saying hello to an old friend

As some of you will know most of my crochet is done for destinations other than this house, and it is a fairly rare for me to make a piece with the intention of keeping it. However this blanket was an exception:

I made it a while ago (see here), but I had put it in a place where I hardly ever saw it and it seemed to be time to bring it back out and say hello again.

Hexagon blanket

I have had such fun making this, and am delighted with the results – it has a sort of dated charm I think!


The hexagon idea originally came from Erica Knight’s book ‘Essential crochet’. I found a tutorial for making the half hexagons on the ‘Polka dot cottage’ website, then a video showing how to ‘join as you go’ on Youtube. I have never blocked my work before but this blanket really needed it to get all the shapes fitting together properly with a straight edge.
Made in Rowan wool cotton DK Larkspur, Ship-shape, Cypress, Celadon, Smalt, Paper, Clear, Bilberry, Grand, Frozen, Dream (discontinued) Mellow yellow (discontinued) Bronze (discontinued) and Oxblood. All on a 4mm hook.