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A spring in my step

This little parcel of goodies is on its way to a friend, who commissioned them as a baby gift.

Elephant in Scheepjes stonewash XL ‘coral’ (856), Top knot baby hat in Stylecraft Batik elements ‘magnesium’ (1940) and wash cloth in even berry stitch in Rico creative cotton aran ‘corn’ (25).

I love the non-traditional baby colours, and I think they look quite spring-like.


For the love of it

Continuing with my theme of making dishcloths in seasonal colours here is my February collection (with a nod to Valentine’s day!)

From top to bottom these are: ‘Even moss stitch’ in Rico creative cotton aran Cherry (65); ‘Even berry stitch’ by Daisy Farm Crafts in Rico creative cotton aran Smokey pink (06) and a different ‘Even berry stitch’ which is Sarah Hazell’s stitch no 26, in Rico creative cotton aran Fuchsia (13).

Interestingly the two ‘Even berry’ stitches differed significantly in their ease of production and overall effect. The Sarah Hazell stitch is alternating rows of slip stitch and (UK) double crochet, with slip stitch and berry clusters above it. To get the proper placement of the berries they have to be made into the slip stitch of the previous row, which is fiddly to say the least. In addition Sarah Hazell’s berries end with a chain, which alters your stitch count every other row.

The Daisy Farm Crafts Even berry stitch is alternating rows of (UK) double crochet with double crochet and berry stitches above it. This means you are always working into a double crochet to make a berry stitch, and, as there is no chain to end this version of the berry, your stitch count remains the same every row. You will be able to tell by this description which one I preferred!