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The red hand gang

I discovered when I had finished my socks that there was enough yarn left for a small project, and my son requested some fingerless gloves


They may not seem very seasonal, but we have the ‘lambing snow’ here in Scotland just now, and some extra warmth is just what is needed.

Made in Debbie Bliss fine Donegal in Deep rose, on a 4mm hook.


Moss stitch fingerless gloves

This is definitely a first for me – a pattern that I have made up and could potentially do again!


These fingerless gloves are made in beautiful moss stitch, which I have not been able to find described on the web (perhaps it has a different name?) Anyway as it is fairly straightforward I should be able to explain it:

Cast on 30 stitches (less if your hands are nice and slender) and do a row of double crochet. This is the finger end of your gloves so it should fit snugly round your knuckles)
For the 2nd row do a row of double crochet but work into the front loop only of each stitch. Like this:


For the 3rd row do alternate double and treble crochets, the double crochets as normal into both loops of each stitch, the treble crochets into the loop of the row below. Like this:

crochet pic front loop

All the even rows are a repeat of row 2
All the odd rows are a repeat of row 3 but stagger which stitch you start with (e.g. rows 2,6,and 10 start with double crochet, rows 4,8 and 12 start with treble crochet into the loop below)

Continue until your work is about 13-14cm long.
The next 5 rows are in false rib: Alternate front- and rear- post treble crochets. Mine are about 3cm long.

Now if you are like me you will need to make three (yes three!) triangle shapes – starting with a chain of 12 stitches and working in moss stitch as above. Decrease one stitch on each row of double crochet front loop. Like this:

Choose the two triangles that have come out closest in size and these will be your thumbs.

Stitch one side of the thumb in place on each glove (mine are 4cm from the bottom and 5cm from the cuff) Like this:


Then crochet the two edges together along the whole length of the rectangle to make the final glove shape:


And there you have it – give yourself a (wooden) hand!


Made in Rico baby classic dk ‘Light grey’ on a 5mm hook. It took less than 50g to make the pair of gloves.

A present from London

I am really getting into this version of the half treble stitch – and have made some more fingerless gloves to prove it.


The pattern is adapted from one in the Autumn 2013 ‘Love crochet’ magazine, and the wool is from a lovely shop in Crouch End in London (handmadenestshop.co.uk). It is the wool that makes them really – it is a Peruvian pure superwash merino called Malabrigo Arroyo, and the shade is Lotus (120). I made them on a 4.5mm needle.

A labour of love

I have finally finished a pair of fingerless gloves in a herringbone treble stitch.


They started off as an Easter project and 6 months later I was still grappling with how to add in the thumbs. A trip to Kiki’s sorted that out – thank you Kiera! (kikiscraftcorner.co.uk), and finally I worked up enough confidence to finish them. Made in New Lanark double knitting wool (newlanarkshop.co.uk) in Damson on a 4mm hook. The main stitch is herringbone treble, with the shaping for the thumbs done in herringbone half treble. The rib effect at the top is produced by doing a treble stitch into alternating front and back posts of the stitch below.
They are for my daughter who I know will appreciate my efforts!