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Jonah’s hoodie crochet pattern

I have recently made a foray into the process of garment making, and have discovered that I have a lot to learn!
Here is a step by step guide to what I did, including all my mistakes!

Step one – purchase a crochet pattern for a hoodie:

Crochet hoodie pattern ebay

Step two – realise that I have neither the patience nor the skill to work from the crochet pattern, give said pattern to a friend who has more of both.

Step three – search the internet for a hoodie pattern with dimensions – eureka moment! http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90344AD.html
This is a knitting pattern, it is available free on Ravelry as ‘Jonah’s hoodie’ and there are lots of pictures of one’s that people have already made. The dimensions are also here:
Jonah’s hoodie pics

Jonah's hoodie original pic

Step four -start crocheting. I did alternate rows of double and treble crochet, which gave a striped effect with a bit of texture, plus I wanted to keep things simple! Practice neat turning rows and colour changes (see previous post)

Step five – have crisis of confidence re: the hood. Make newspaper cut-out of pattern and fold to see how it fits onto garment (my friends will not be surprised by this step!)


Step six – assemble pieces:


Step seven – add button band, sew on buttons and sew ends in. Tah dah!


So what have I learned from making this?
Firstly most crochet patterns are written for people who have the faith to follow written instructions without necessarily knowing where they are leading to, I like to have a picture in my mind of where I am going, and where each step fits in to the overall journey. This is clearly going to be a disadvantage as far as reading traditional patterns goes, but I am determined to get round it.

Secondly good finishing skills are the key to making a garment to be proud of, I guess most of us can make nice neat rows of crochet, but I think the really professional look comes from good turning, colour changing and edging techniques. I am not there yet, but this was my first try!

Made in Rico baby classic dk Blue and Ice blue on a 5mm hook.

Moss stitch fingerless gloves

This is definitely a first for me – a pattern that I have made up and could potentially do again!


These fingerless gloves are made in beautiful moss stitch, which I have not been able to find described on the web (perhaps it has a different name?) Anyway as it is fairly straightforward I should be able to explain it:

Cast on 30 stitches (less if your hands are nice and slender) and do a row of double crochet. This is the finger end of your gloves so it should fit snugly round your knuckles)
For the 2nd row do a row of double crochet but work into the front loop only of each stitch. Like this:


For the 3rd row do alternate double and treble crochets, the double crochets as normal into both loops of each stitch, the treble crochets into the loop of the row below. Like this:

crochet pic front loop

All the even rows are a repeat of row 2
All the odd rows are a repeat of row 3 but stagger which stitch you start with (e.g. rows 2,6,and 10 start with double crochet, rows 4,8 and 12 start with treble crochet into the loop below)

Continue until your work is about 13-14cm long.
The next 5 rows are in false rib: Alternate front- and rear- post treble crochets. Mine are about 3cm long.

Now if you are like me you will need to make three (yes three!) triangle shapes – starting with a chain of 12 stitches and working in moss stitch as above. Decrease one stitch on each row of double crochet front loop. Like this:

Choose the two triangles that have come out closest in size and these will be your thumbs.

Stitch one side of the thumb in place on each glove (mine are 4cm from the bottom and 5cm from the cuff) Like this:


Then crochet the two edges together along the whole length of the rectangle to make the final glove shape:


And there you have it – give yourself a (wooden) hand!


Made in Rico baby classic dk ‘Light grey’ on a 5mm hook. It took less than 50g to make the pair of gloves.