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Jonah’s hoodie crochet pattern

I have recently made a foray into the process of garment making, and have discovered that I have a lot to learn!
Here is a step by step guide to what I did, including all my mistakes!

Step one – purchase a crochet pattern for a hoodie:

Crochet hoodie pattern ebay

Step two – realise that I have neither the patience nor the skill to work from the crochet pattern, give said pattern to a friend who has more of both.

Step three – search the internet for a hoodie pattern with dimensions – eureka moment! http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/90344AD.html
This is a knitting pattern, it is available free on Ravelry as ‘Jonah’s hoodie’ and there are lots of pictures of one’s that people have already made. The dimensions are also here:
Jonah’s hoodie pics

Jonah's hoodie original pic

Step four -start crocheting. I did alternate rows of double and treble crochet, which gave a striped effect with a bit of texture, plus I wanted to keep things simple! Practice neat turning rows and colour changes (see previous post)

Step five – have crisis of confidence re: the hood. Make newspaper cut-out of pattern and fold to see how it fits onto garment (my friends will not be surprised by this step!)


Step six – assemble pieces:


Step seven – add button band, sew on buttons and sew ends in. Tah dah!


So what have I learned from making this?
Firstly most crochet patterns are written for people who have the faith to follow written instructions without necessarily knowing where they are leading to, I like to have a picture in my mind of where I am going, and where each step fits in to the overall journey. This is clearly going to be a disadvantage as far as reading traditional patterns goes, but I am determined to get round it.

Secondly good finishing skills are the key to making a garment to be proud of, I guess most of us can make nice neat rows of crochet, but I think the really professional look comes from good turning, colour changing and edging techniques. I am not there yet, but this was my first try!

Made in Rico baby classic dk Blue and Ice blue on a 5mm hook.