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My favourite and my best

What a pleasure it is to visit a yarn shop and come away, not just with a bag full of yarn, but also a head full of ideas of how to use it. We live in a fairly remote part of the world (there are 8 houses in our ‘village’, the nearest shop is 7 miles away and I rarely visit our nearest town, which is over an hour’s drive from us) and my opportunities to see, touch and smell (!) yarn are few and far between. So it was with some excitement last week that we ventured into a lovely yarn shop in Edinburgh, and came away with some new yarn. Here are the results:

The large jellyfish is made with Rowan pure wool superwash worsted in teal wash, and Rowan wool cotton dk in ship-shape, cypress, larkspur and celadon, on a 4.5mm hook. The smaller jellyfish is in SMC select extra soft merino colour in petrol marine, and Rowan wool cotton dk smalt also on a 4.5mm hook. The yarns were chosen for my son, who requested a jellyfish in deep colours. I think they are my best yet, and you will be pleased to know that he approves.


A smack of jellyfish

I have been asked by a local shop to make a small display of jellyfish, which they hope to sell, and I have had some fun putting some different sizes and colours together.


These are in Rico baby classic dk,light green, grey, ice blue, blue and lilac (discontinued) and some yarn from stash, made on a 4mm hook.


And these are in Patons Fab DK spray print aqua, with plain colours in Rico baby dk as above, made on a 5mm hook.

Now why is a group of jellyfish called a ‘smack’??

Crochet jelly fish again

Another jellyfish to add to our growing crocheted aquarium


This one is made with the remains of the Malabrigo Arroyo ‘Lotus’ with Rowan baby merino silk ‘Dawn’ for the underside. The tendrils are from bits and bobs in my stash basket, and include some Rowan 4 ply wool-cotton ‘Violet’ and baby merino silk ‘Rose’. I made it using a 4.5mm needle, and it was my first try ever using a ‘magic ring’ which I was very pleased with. (see http://bynumber19.com/2012/05/18/crochet-tutorial-magic-ring-or-adjustable-ring/)