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Twiddlemuff no. 7: back down to earth

It seems that I have not finished with this particular colour-way yet. Following on from my Down to earth blanket and scarf, we now have the matching twiddlemuff!

It is made with two Granny rectangles joined-as-you-go at the edges on the inside (I really am getting the hang of this now!) and a more traditional Granny stripe on the outside.

I have now run out of the deep olive green, so this might be the last in this particular series.

Twiddlemuff no. 6: join as you go squares

I have had four crochet squares made up to a Rowan pattern for ages, with no particular project in mind. Then looking through my stash recently I realised that two of them together would make one side of a twiddlemuff. A quick trawl through youtube found this short video on joining granny squares, and the result is here:

I also managed to join the two raw edges of the twiddlemuff ‘tube’ in the same way:

Made in Drops cotton merino grey, light grey and beige.
Now why has it taken me so long to learn this very useful method?

Hexagon blanket

I have had such fun making this, and am delighted with the results – it has a sort of dated charm I think!


The hexagon idea originally came from Erica Knight’s book ‘Essential crochet’. I found a tutorial for making the half hexagons on the ‘Polka dot cottage’ website, then a video showing how to ‘join as you go’ on Youtube. I have never blocked my work before but this blanket really needed it to get all the shapes fitting together properly with a straight edge.
Made in Rowan wool cotton DK Larkspur, Ship-shape, Cypress, Celadon, Smalt, Paper, Clear, Bilberry, Grand, Frozen, Dream (discontinued) Mellow yellow (discontinued) Bronze (discontinued) and Oxblood. All on a 4mm hook.