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Present for a baby girl

A friend of mine has just had a new baby, and I am delighted to have found a good home for one of my favourite blankets:


It is made in a mitred squares pattern (which I borrowed from Sue at Crochet again) using Rowan wool cotton in antique, grand and frozen, and Rowan baby merino silk in rose and dawn, on a 4 mm hook.

So many blankets

All has been quiet on the blog for a while as I have been learning new and exciting stitches (more of which later). I also have a BIG project I want to do, and in a burst of uncharacteristic self control I decided to finish off some UFO’s first (UFO = Unifinished Object). I chose the wool for this blanket back in the summer as I wanted something boyish but not too much so.


Made in Rowan wool cotton 4 ply Celanden, Paper, Violet and Antique colours. With Rowan baby merino silk DK Dawn. All using a 4mm needle.
With thanks to Sue at ‘Crochet again’ for setting me off on the mitred square idea
Now – I wonder if anyone I know is expecting a boy